Difference Between Invisalign & SureSmile?

Difference Between Invisalign & SureSmile?
Posted on 09/01/2020

Interested in receiving an orthodontic treatment but aren’t sure which one to move forward with? We don’t blame you! In this day and age, since there are an array of treatments available—it’s no wonder you’re confused! From traditional metal braces to lingual braces and everything in between, there are numerous adult and early orthodontic treatments available. While researching different types of orthodontic treatments, at Heller Orthodontics, we highly suggest you consider both Invisalign clear aligners and SureSmile braces. Although they are very different in structure, both are also very efficient, successful, and guarantee results in less time than traditional orthodontic treatments. But what exactly are the main differences between the two? Read on to find out!

Invisalign: The Most Trusted Clear Aligners!

Invisalign is easily the most popular brand of near-invisible aligners in the market for many reasons. In comparison to fixed appliances such as braces, these special clear aligners are removable appliances which allow the patient to remove them for special occasions or during mealtimes. There are virtually no food restrictions while undergoing the Invisalign treatment and this treatment offers something that not many other orthodontic treatments can match—a subtle treatment. Because Invisalign is made up of clear aligners, patients can actively reposition their teeth and correct their alignment without calling unwanted attention to their mouth.

SureSmile: Not Your Mother’s Braces!

SureSmile is a type of braces treatment, but don’t be fooled—these aren't the braces that you’re used to seeing. To create these braces, detailed photographs and 3D images are taken of your teeth from all angles within your mouth. Using these images, your orthodontist Dr. Heller will be able to create a customized dental archwire for every unique patient’s bite. Typically, the archwires are bent manually (for traditional braces), but with the assistance of the images, SureSmile uses robotic precision to bend the wires. This ensures a very specific and precise route plan for the movement of your teeth. With this precision, the time spent in orthodontic treatment is reduced by an average of 33%, which can result in completing the treatment eight months earlier, and guarantees less trips to your orthodontist.

Schedule A Consultation To See Which Treatment Is Best For You!

If you’re interested in either Invisalign or SureSmile or both, we suggest scheduling a consultation with Dr. Heller to see which option is best suited for your smile. The status of your teeth’s alignment, your oral health, and the state of your teeth are all factors that will help determine our recommendation for which orthodontic treatment you should choose. Feel free to schedule your appointment via our online form or contact one of our friendly staff members at one of our three convenient locations!

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