Top 5 Oral Health Tips for 2021

Top 5 Oral Health Tips for 2021
Posted on 03/15/2021

Heller Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic care in Laurel and Bethesda to children, teens, and adults. We work hard to offer our patients customized orthodontic treatments that work for them and their smile goals. To do so, we may choose braces, SureSmile, or Invisalign to straighten your teeth. Additionally, we want all of our patients to practice good oral hygiene and live a healthy lifestyle for optimal oral health. Check out our top oral health tips for 2021!

Schedule Your First Dental Appointment of 2021

1. Schedule Your First Dental Appointment of 2021

Start the year off right by scheduling a dental check up and teeth cleaning for March or April, especially if it has been over six months since your last teeth cleaning. At Heller Orthodontics, although we focus on Invisalign and braces, we want all of our patients to practice good oral hygiene and see their family dentist on a regular basis.

2. Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables is not only good for your bodily health, it is excellent for your oral health as well. Our Bethesda orthodontics team recommends swapping out processed and sugary foods for a whole-foods diet. This will decrease your risk of cavities and other harmful dental conditions.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water should be part of your daily balanced diet. Water helps flush out bacteria and plaque from your teeth, gums, and braces. It also helps keep your mouth and body hydrated which will decrease your risk of dry mouth and cavities. Try drinking water instead of soda, juice, and other sugary beverages this year.

4. Floss Every Day

In 2021, commit to flossing every day, especially with braces and Invisalign. This will improve your dental and orthodontic health tremendously. It's a simple habit that will really make a difference. Heller Orthodontics recommends brushing at least twice per day and flossing once per day.

5. Cut Tobacco

This is the year to finally quit smoking. Did you know that smoking doubles your risk of gum disease and other oral health conditions? Once you quit smoking your oral and bodily health will improve immensely.

Schedule Your Next Appointment with Heller Orthodontics

If you are interested in braces, Invisalign, or SureSmile, contact Heller Orthodontics in Bethesda and Laurel. Dr. Heller and his team will happily discuss our orthodontic options with you and answer any questions you may have. To schedule your next appointment, simply request an appointment online or call our office directly at (301) 654-5433. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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