X Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Orthodontist

X Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Orthodontist
Posted on 06/17/2021

So you’re asking “How do I pick an orthodontist near me?” and wondering what you should look for when choosing a Bethesda orthodontist—well, when it comes to picking someone to take care of your teeth and help you achieve a beautiful straight smile, the most important thing is that you don’t want to risk your teeth with an inexperienced or unprofessional orthodontist. Luckily, Heller Orthodontics is a local Beltsville and Bethesda Orthodontist with years of experience helping adults and children achieve the teeth of their dreams. Check out our quick guide to questions to ask when choosing your orthodontist so you know how to identify the Bethesda Orthodontist that is best for you!

Do They Provide A Range Of Orthodontic Treatments?

While many orthodontists will claim that their one orthodontic treatment is all you need to straighten your teeth, you must choose a Beltsville orthodontist who offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments. Invisalign, metal braces, and clear braces all have their different advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to young people’s teeth. Heller Orthodontics is a Laurel braces expert, but we also offer Invisalign, retention, and Acceledent treatment.

Are The Doctors Experienced In Their Field?

The last thing you want when choosing an orthodontist in Beltsville is to end up with an inexperienced or under-trained doctor working on your teeth. Dr. Heller, our lead doctor at Heller Orthodontics, has been setting the standard for Laurel braces for over 25 years and has a wealth of orthodontic experience to draw from to help straighten your smile safely and effectively.

Convenience Is Key

While it may seem inconsequential, it's important to choose an orthodontist that you can reach easily and quickly. With routine checkups and visits to make sure your teeth are progressing well, you want to be able to access your orthodontist without too much hassle. Fortunately, Heller Orthodontics has offices in Laurel, Bethesda, Beltsville, and North Potomac, allowing all of our Maryland patients to access one of our convenient locations.

Does It Fit The Budget?

One of the final points to consider when you are wondering “how do I choose an orthodontist near me?”, is whether or not you can afford orthodontic treatment for you or your child. Here at Heller Orthodontics, we make sure to accommodate our patients’ financial needs by offering extended payment plans and third-party financing for those patients who could use assistance. What’s more, is that we can work with your insurance company to make sure your treatment is affordable!

Make An Appointment With Heller Orthodontics Today!

Whether you want to get Laurel braces or if you are simply wondering whether or not you need orthodontic treatment, the best thing you can do to learn more is to schedule an appointment with your local Bethesda orthodontist, Heller Orthodontics. Contact us today to learn more about why we are the orthodontist to choose or to schedule an appointment!

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